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Tenure and Promotion for Applied Anthropologists: Preparation and Documentation of Scholarship

Panel Sponsored by the Consortium of Practicing and Applied Anthropology Programs (COPAA)

Society for Applied Anthropology Annual Meeting, 2006


Elizabeth Bird (University of South Florida) and Linda Bennett (University of Memphis)


Applied Anthropologists in academic settings at different career stages with regard to the tenure and promotion process will address the challenges from their home institutions and their own professional careers. In these reports, each panelist will (1) summarize the tenure and promotion guidelines of their home institution with regard to applied anthropological work; (2) describe how their scholarship fits within the guidelines; (3) describe their preparation when they came up for tenure and promotion or as they plan to come up in the future for meeting the guidelines they work under; (4) describe how they document or did document their scholarly achievements considered in the tenure and promotion reviews; and (5) talk about their particular context.

Panelists and their academic affiliations

Sherylyn Briller (Wayne State University)
Kerry D. Feldman (University of Alaska, Anchorage)
Stanley E. Hyland (University of Memphis)
Ann T. Jordan (University of North Texas)
Sunil Khanna (Oregon State University)
Elgin L. Klugh (Montclair State University)
Nancy Romero-Daza (University of South Florida)

Critical points made in panel presentations and discussion:

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