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2006 Annual Meeting of Consortium of Practicing and Applied Anthropology Programs (COPAA)

March 30, 2006, Vancouver, Canada

Prepared by Kerry Feldman, Secretary, COPAA



  1. Introductory remarks.
  2. New member departments proposed.
  3. International member departments?
  4. Treasury report.
  5. SfAA 2006 COPAA sponsored sessions report.
  6. AAA 2006 COPAA session.
  7. COPAA and the 2007 SfAA Tampa meetings.
  8. COPAA website report.
  9. Yahoo group.
  10. New initiatives.

The meeting began at 10:05 a.m. with an introduction of COPAA officers (Kerry Feldman, Secretary; Christina Wasson, Webmaster; Sunil Khanna, Virtual Community Moderator; and Co-Treasurers Gina Sanchez Gibau and Jeanette Dickerson-Putman who were unable to attend this year).

1. Introductory Remarks by COPAA Chair Linda Bennett.

Linda reviewed the past year’s activity and accomplishments. There have been positive responses to the new website. Members preferred the scheduling of the COPAA meeting within rather than prior to the meetings of the Society for Applied Anthropology. Currently there are 22 departmental members, representing a significant growth from the original nine departments that formed COPAA.

2. New member departments proposed.

Linda proposed that we invite two new departmental members to join COPAA: San Jose State University and the University of Texas at San Antonio. San Jose State University begins its applied anthropology program in fall 2006; the University of Texas at San Antonio wishes to interact with COPAA departmental members. Linda Whiteford moved to accept both departments; the motion was unanimously approved. Chair note: These departments have been notified about their membership in COPAA and invited to submit copy for the website listing of departmental members by the end of May.

3. International member departments?

The question was raised whether we wish to add international department members; suggestions included programs in Canada, Australia and Mexico. It was agreed that COPAA would seek more information regarding potential COPAA members internationally. Follow-up necessary.

4. Treasurer’s Report.

There is a healthy balance of funds in the treasury. As of March 28, 2006, there was a balance of $5,297.41. New costs include the luncheon for up to 30 departmental representatives at the Hyatt Hotel during these meetings. The luncheons will allow extended conversations among department members. It was agreed that COPAA would host such luncheons at the international meetings of the SfAA (every four years). One purpose of these luncheons would be to celebrate the accomplishments of COPAA during the previous four years. Note from chair: if funds are available in future years, she would like SOPAA to host this luncheon when it is affordable. The lunch turned out to be a good opportunity for more informal follow-up discussions.

5. SfAA 2006 COPAA Sponsored Sessions Report.

Linda Bennett reported on the COPAA-sponsored session held the previous day at the SfAA meetings that focused on “Tenure and Promotion in Applied Anthropology: Preparation for and Documentation of Scholarship,” (organized by Liz Bird and Linda Bennett) and the session scheduled for the next day entitled “Allies on the Front: Perspectives from our Community Partners” organized by Judith Freidenberg, Peg Graham, Susan Hyatt, and Karen Quintiliani. A lively discussion had occurred at the Tenure and Promotion Session with those in attendance (22-25) for whom this issue was of major importance. Attendees agreed that there is a clear need for a collective approach to identifying tenure and promotion guidelines for applied anthropological research.

6. AAA 2006 COPAA Session

A COPAA organizing session was submitted for the meetings of the American Anthropological Association in San Jose, fall, 2006 sponsored by NAPA. Linda Bennett, Linda Whiteford, Christina Wasson and Kerry Feldman would discuss where we’ve come as an organization and where we should be going. It’s entitled COPAA: Accomplishments and Future Directions, an open forum. Chair Note: All COPAA representatives of member departments are encouraged to take part in this session.

7. COPAA and the 2007 SfAA Tampa Meetings.

The SfAA annual meetings will be held in Tampa, Florida March 27 – April 1, 2007. Nancy Romero-Daza, David Himmelgreen, and Michael Angrosino (U. of South Florida) will be the program organizers. If COPAA wishes to be a co-sponsor of the SfAA meetings, we need to propose five sessions. Sessions discussed were:

8. COPAA Website Report.

Christina Wasson gave a report on the updated COPAA website and how it was constructed. Those in attendance agreed it was a stunning and a very useful website. There were 18 recommendations for the website which COPAA prioritized last year based on user feedback. The new website “went live” on October 21, 2006. The website will have updates three times a year, as per our agreement with the contractor for the website, at a cost of $100 per year. May 30, 2006 is the next update deadline.

9. Yahoo Group.

Sunil Khanna noted that new information can be sent to him for posting on the Here is the information on the copaa website regarding our yahoo group for copaa members:

Faculty in COPAA member programs may join the Yahoo Group “copaa-members.” If you would like to join, ask Sunil Khanna to subscribe you by sending a message to The Yahoo Group includes an email list and an archive of documents. Members of the group can post messages to the email list at They can view the archive and other information at

10. New Initiatives.

The meeting adjourned at noon and those who were free to do so attended the COPAA sponsored luncheon to become better acquainted and to celebrate our accomplishments this past four years.

Submitted May 19, 2006 for approval

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