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2005 Annual Meeting of Consortium of Practicing and Applied Anthropology Programs (COPAA)

April 5, 2005, Santa Fe, New Mexico



  1. Review of COPAA activities in 2004-2005
  2. Treasurer's report
  3. Plans for 2006 meeting sessions
  4. Report on COPAA Website

1. Review of COPAA activities in 2004-05 (Bennett)

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2. Treasurer’s report given.

We have 22 member departments, and most have paid dues for 2004-05. The balance as of April 4, 2005 was $4,577.41. As COPAA develops the new and expanded website during 2005, funds will be drawn from the balance to pay for these services. There was some discussion of and support for the idea of lowering dues for the upcoming year, once the website expansion has been completed and we have a clearer sense of the upcoming expenses to maintain the website. Dues notices will be mailed in early September, with a letter from the chair drawing attention to the accomplishments of COPAA in the previous year and plans for 2005-06.

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3. Plans for 2006 meeting sessions:

Several ideas were proposed for session for the 2006 SfAA meetings, including (1) a session that focuses on the challenges of getting non-anthropologists committed to working with applied students on their internships and practicum projects; (2) a panel that continues the discussion the tenure and promotion process fin applied and engaged scholarship with a focus on the recent experience of newly tenured and promoted faculty members; and (3) a session that highlights distinctive features of applied programs from among the COPAA member departments.

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4. Christina Wasson distributed a Report on the COPAA Website

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Susan Hyatt
Co-Chair, COPAA
Associate Professor
Department of Anthropology
Cavanaugh Hall 413
425 University Blvd.
Indianapolis, IN 46202